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Any YouVersion user can join a group. They’re set up by churches, Bible study groups, and other organizations, and they’re your way to keep up with the YouVersion Live events that group is hosting. You can belong to multiple groups at the same time.

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  • Life House
    1 Member(s)
    Life House » Church
    Life House
  • Teens Xplosion
    1 Member(s)
    Teens Xplosion » Church
    Teens Xplosion
  • Redeemer Spokane Valley
    2 Member(s)
    Redeemer Spokane Valley » Church
    Redeemer Spokane Valley
  • Faith Community Church
    2 Member(s)
    Faith Community Church » Church
    Faith Community Church
  • Harbor Light
    1 Member(s)
    Harbor Light » Church
    Harbor Light
  • santa
    1 Member(s)
    santa » Church
  • MorrisFBC
    2 Member(s)
    MorrisFBC » Church
  • PPCLife
    1 Member(s)
    PPCLife » Church
  • Bunker Hill Baptist Youth
    1 Member(s)
    Bunker Hill Baptist Youth » Church
    Bunker Hill Baptist Youth
  • theocafe
    1 Member(s)
    theocafe » Church
  • New Harvest Interns
    1 Member(s)
    New Harvest Interns » Church
    New Harvest Interns
  • 3mal3
    2 Member(s)
    3mal3 » Church
  • Estudo Biblico
    2 Member(s)
    Estudo Biblico » Church
    Estudo Biblico
  • Estudo Biblico
    1 Member(s)
    Estudo Biblico » Church
    Estudo Biblico
  • 提摩太讀經小組
    1 Member(s)
    提摩太讀經小組 » Small Group
  • C3 Church Thirroul
    1 Member(s)
    C3 Church Thirroul » Church
    Welcome to C3 Church Thirroul. Our purpose is to see God and people brought together. We believe in an uncluttered Christianity that’s presented in a way that means all people can experience the love, acceptance and forgiveness that God has stored up for them in Christ. Our church is a place where everyone can find acceptance and friendship in a community devoted to glorifying God. We believe belonging to a church is a fundamental element of being a Christian and that community with others is vital for the support, encouragement and inspiration that commonality brings.
  • Ampd Student Ministry
    1 Member(s)
    Ampd Student Ministry » Church
    Ampd Student Ministry
  • MBC Youth
    1 Member(s)
    MBC Youth » Church
    MBC Youth
  • Stone Ridge Church Bible Reading Group
    1 Member(s)
    Stone Ridge Church Bible Reading Group » Church
    Stone Ridge Church Bible Reading Group
  • No Regrets
    1 Member(s)
    No Regrets » Church
    No Regrets Men's Ministry of Calvary Church in Norman, OK
  • Revolution Community Church
    1 Member(s)
    Revolution Community Church » Church
    Revolution Community Church
  • Trinity Assembly of God Fairmont
    1 Member(s)
    Trinity Assembly of God Fairmont » Church
    Trinity Assembly of God Fairmont
  • Fellowship FWB Church
    1 Member(s)
    Fellowship FWB Church » Church
    The YouVersion group for members and friends of Fellowship Free Will Baptist Church of Bryan, Texas.
  • SCS
    1 Member(s)
    SCS » Church
  • Epikos
    1 Member(s)
    Epikos » Church
    Epikos Live